What is a xenophile? Somebody who likes and appreciates foreign cultures and customs. This word seemed to fit guitarists Leart Begolli and Ron Iglesias perfectly, as both shared a love for Arabian and metal music as students of the same classical guitar program. Based of out Jersey City, the budding Xenophile enlisted prog-drummer Matt Pavlik and bassist Shant Kouyoumdjian to complete the rhythm section. Begolli and Iglesias began writing songs with a variety of influences from the metal and non-metal worlds, including intricate guitarmonies, unusual scales,  and soaring vocals over odd time signatures and speedy thrash beats. Xenophile released their full-length debut album, Systematic Enslavement, independently in March 2016 and has since released 2 more singles. Xenophile is currently finishing material for a followup album, drawing influence from everything to Cannibal Corpse to Watchtower to Strunz & Farah to Mozart.